"RSASILP" origins from the "receiver" to "the giver" by giving the opportunity and to help society and achievements. Art to support connected goodness. So that society was convinced that art is more beautiful. But art can create social building area of volunteers. And build a community of synergism and share.
  Inspiration to reward the opportunity that the society has given. Mr.Ekachai wannakaew artists with disabilities, Motivational speaker in society as it is supported by the mass media. People and society with got the chance to participate in various work parties, whether to support works. The painting gives the opportunity to forward a career motivational speaker to various social activities., Mr.Ekachai values of "chance", many people are skilled, knowledgeable, highly capable. But the lack of opportunity to express to the people and societies have seen a lack of sponsors ' dream and forwarding, including the lack of inspiration in motion for the finer things in life.

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