Siam Sculpture Club Is the center for gathering entrepreneurs, casting technicians, artists and people interested in casting sculptures Become a member To promote, support and provide knowledge in various fields About casting sculpture.



1.  To adopt the principles of sufficiency economy and the principles of the work of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

     for use in the caster mechanic and artist profession.

2.  Conserve and promote the dissemination of identity in Thai clay casting in sculpture.

3.  Promote and support the establishment of enterprises regarding the creation of sculptures.

4.  Promote and disseminate academic knowledge related to sculpture casting techniques.

5.  Promote and develop professional skills in creating sculpture casting.


6.   To enhance the design technology And metal casting to meet international standards.

7.   Be a consultant and give advice In the casting industry, sculpture.

8.   Be a consultant and give advice Energy or environment Related to the sculpture industry.

9.   Be a consultant and provide advice on domestic and international marketing.

10. Being a consultant and providing financial advice for business agility.

11.  Be a center and representative of members. To exchange ideas and academic knowledge with those involved.

12.  Coordinate with government and private organizations, both domestic and international organizations.

13.  To promote unity and good understanding between members and organize charitable activities for society together.

14.  This club has no purpose to conduct political affairs.

The main activities to perform for the benefit of the members

1.  Organize training seminars for the general public. And privileges for members.

2.  Send members to receive training, seminars and study visits both domestically and internationally.

3.  Provide advice and advice on technical problems for members. By being a Thai expert And abroad.

4.  Become a partner to organize an exhibition to support the dissemination of Thai sculpture both in Thailand and abroad.

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